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List of Dental Providers


Welcome to West Broadway Dental, The Largest Multi-Specialty Dental Clinic in North Jersey! As we look to provide the most comprehensive care for all patients, we have a variety of dental specialist available for all your oral health care needs. Below is our list of providers:

General Dentists:

  • Dr. Stephen Sherman
  • Dr. Michael Schutzer 
  • Dr. Christopher Merwin
  • Dr. Dana Young
  • Dr. Frank Greco 
  • Dr. John Pogoda
  • Dr. Melissa Alter
  • Dr. Swarupa Patel
  • Dr. Kevin Furmanek
  • Dr. Yingli Wang
  • Dr. Diamond Marshall
  • Dr. Qian Chen
  • Dr. Edward Dominguez
  • Dr. John Mady
  • Dr. Nam M Phan


  • Dr. Ghassan Atalla


  • Dr. Brian Greenberg

Oral Surgeon:

  • Dr. Tashorn Gomez-Lewis

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